Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adding some colour 1986-1987

There are so many possibilities, when you start to add colour, that it was
quite confusing. So many colours to choose from and decisions to make.
There were brushes of various widths, and types.
Having purchased the paints ( acrylic, water colours, oils), there was the
right type of paper for each! And more choices. It was all a bit daunting.
Luckily for me, Jackie Hinkson was offering painting classes, and he was
using water colours. That helped me to narrow the field, and concentrate just
on water colours. And that was confusing enough! What shade of colour should
I use, and how should I mix it to get just the shade I wanted?
Below are the paintings done throughout one year. We met every Saturday,
and went to different locations in Trinidad. Jackie insisted that he was teaching us to see, and not to paint. It was a wonderful time!

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